Hopeland's Laser cutting & Engraving services in china

Hopeland provides laser cuttingengraving services on stainless steel, plain steel, solid wood, acrylic, plywood, MDF, bamboo, ABS, POM, HDPE, PC, PVC, PS, two-tone plastic, cardboard, paper, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, etc for customers.


Plywood laser cutting, laser engraving, front side for geometric design
Geometric pattern with plywood laser cutting, laser engraving, front side
Plywood laser cutting, back side for geometric design
Geometric pattern with plywood laser cutting, back side

home decor, bear design, laser cutting, laser engraving
Home decor, wood veneer, laser cutting, laser engraving, front side
wood veneer, laser cutting, clean back side
Home decor, laser cutting, wood veneer, back side

bamboo wedding invitation, laser cutting, laser engraving
Wedding invitation, bamboo, laser cutting, laser engraving, front side
Bamboo, laser cutting, laser engraving, wedding invitation
Laser engraving, laser cutting, bamboo, wedding invitation, back side

cross ornaments, MDF laser cutting
Cross ornaments, MDF, laser cutting, front side
MDF laser cutting, cross ornaments
Laser cutting, cross ornaments, back side

Materials for laser cutting

Metal Materials

 laser cutting stainless steel with 201/304/316 mirrored, brushed and matte finish.

Thickness: 0.2mm-20mm 


Mild steel/carbon steel with thickness 0.5mm-20mm 


 Aluminium thickness 0.5mm-10mm 

1006, 5052, 5083, 6061, 7075 grade


Brass with thickness 0.5mm-8mm 

 It is laser cutting for spare parts,  decorative panel and metal screens, metal art work, public artwork


Copper with thickness 0.5mm-6mm 


Bronze with thickness 1mm-8mm 


Titanium with thickness 0.5mm-3mm  


Wood Materials 

Laser cutting and engraving plywood, wood veneer, MDF, walnut, bamboo, cherry, maple, pine, oak, etc.

Plywood thickness 1.5mm-12mm 

MDF thickness:3mm-6mm

Bamboo thickness: 3mm-6mm

Solid wood thickness: 2mm-12mm 

Wood veneer thickness: 0.2mm-0.45mm


Paper and cardboard

laser cutting wedding invitation, name card, shapes/letter, window decoration and stencils,etc

Thickness: 0.5mm-3mm 


Plastic Materials 

  Acrylic, Perspex, PMMA

Laser cutting clear, black, semi transparent,gold/silver mirror acrylics for acrylic signs/letters and logos, acrylic decorative shapes on the wall. More colours, please check the card link 


ABS, two colours, black and white Thickness 1mm-6mm 


PET, white and black colour Thickness 0.088mm-6mm


HDPE, white and black colour, Semi white colour 

Thickness 1mm-3mm


PVC, white and black colour 

Thickness 1mm-4mm


PP, white colour 

Thickness 3mm-6mm


POM, white colour 

Thickness 3mm

Laser cutting samples to show

elephant laser cutting with plywood
Plywood laser cutting for animal designs
laser engraved ruler plywood, veneer
Single line laser engraving on plywood
small plywood kit- laser etching
Laser etching on plywood with nice surface
Bamboo disc laser cutting
Bamboo laser cutting for circle design
plywood flower laser cutting
flower design laser cutting with plywood
MDF box laser cutting
MDF box laser cutting with clean surface
graffiti laser cutting 3mm thick. plywood
Plywood laser cutting for animal shape
bamboo laser cutting & laser engraving
Filling laser engraving on bamboo tags
outline laser engraving and filling laser engraving
Single line and filled laser engraving for plywood designs
bamboo laser etching
Walnut wood laser cutting and etching
plywood disc laser cutting and engraving
Geometrical design laser cutting and engraving on plywood
MDF decorative ring laser cutting
MDF hanging Decoration laser cutting

Acrylic laser cutting service
Acrylic cards with different colours for laser cutting
white acrylic, blank tag laser cutting
White acrylic laser cutting for tags

Laser cutting insulation paper, felt paper
Insulation paper laser cutting
laser cutting foam sheet
Foam laser cutting

Window metal decorative art laser cutting
flower design laser cutting with mirrored stainless steel
aluminium keyboard laser cutting with clear anodizing
keyboard laser cutting with silvery anodised aluminium
stainless steel laser cutting for ornaments
Brushed stainless steel laser cutting for jewellery
Brass laser cutting for Sacred Geometry parts
Brass laser cutting for decoration
Mirror stainless steel rectangle laser cutting
mirrored stainless steel laser cutting
laser cutting keyboard with black anodizing
black anodised aluminium keyboards laser cutting
Brushed stainless steel laser cutting with fine slots
stainless steel parts laser cutting with brushed finish
Stainless steel laser cutting for decoration
Stainless steel craft laser cutting

Why choose laser cutting?

 Laser cutting technique is very suitable for custom products without quantity requirement.  It is saving time, saving trouble and saving money. Just uploading the vector files to laser cutter, a few minutes later, your wonderful ideas come into reality.

If you are careful to find the surroundings, you will check many places with laser cutting products to serve our society. Such as, machining spare parts, festival decorative crafts, Christmas gits, floor/door/window decoration panels, wooden name cards for business, nice invitation cards for wedding; engraved wood book covers, custom boxes, etc.  

Hopeland provides best laser cutting services for customers from all over the world and we hope to build long-term cooperation with each other. No matter you are company or individual, we will do much better to move your projects and works with perfect results. 

It's our big pleasure that can provide high quality laser cutting services with competitive costs for customers from different fields, no matter you are designer, engineer or sales, the best quotation, the high quality services, and the faster delivery time will be provided for you!