Laser cutting mild steel services

laser cutting galvanized mild steel 1.2mm
Galvanized mild steel- Heart shape shelf
Laser cut mild steel circle part, gal. coated
Round circle mild steel, galvanized coated.

In our stock  mild steel panel is available thickness 1mm to 10mm. For mild steel, it is one of easy cutting metal materials, comparing stainless steel and aluminum, it has fast cutting speed with incredible precision, it means in short time, you can make more quantity of parts than other materials, in other words, if you choose mild steel to cutting, there will be more cost and time saved. Our cutting table size: 2000mmX4000mm, the max. Thickness is 18mm.

Surface treatment: 1 Powder coated with color black, white, blue, green etc; 2 PVC coated with color black, green, white, gray etc; 3 Galvanized, electric type and hot dipped type; Polishing; oiled.

At same time, we can We can provide laser cutting, bending, folding, and welding services together for you!