Aluminum laser cutting services

laser cut and bending aluminium parts
Aluminium laser cutting and bending
6mm thick. laser cut aluminium part
laser cutting and drilling aluminium

6061&6065 aluminium laser cutting
Clean edges of laser cutting on aluminium
laser cut aluminium part with anodizing
Anodizing aluminium part

Aluminum is one of high refractive index materials for laser cutting. Sometimes, choosing suitable cutter is very importance, for this material, how to choose cutting methods for jobs?

Our laser cutting capability can cut aluminum up to 6mm with high precision complex contours, clean edges and good shapes, 8mm is our Max. Limit. But please noted it is just for laser cutting!

We also provide water jet cutting services, cutting aluminum sheet for it - “a piece of cakes”.

The cutting thickness up to 45mm

At same time, we provide folding & bending services, but before producing, we need confirm the tolerance of bending degree, if you have very high request on it, we will consider whether make molds for aluminum parts.

Surface treatment: clear anodizing & colored anodizing.

Anodizing is very nice way to add one protective layer for aluminum.

If you don’t mind the surface scratched, indeed no need anodizing, after touching with the air, time longer the surface will produce one layer of oxidation film, it is natural protective coat for aluminum parts.

If you have laser cutting aluminum artwork, designs, please don’t hesitate to contact us,